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Pathology and microbiology

The pathology laboratory provides local, regional and national diagnostic services in all laboratory medicine disciplines. Laboratory investigations are performed and the results of laboratory tests are made available to patients through their clinicians or GPs.

There are six departments, supported by central specimen reception and the pathology office.

Clinical chemistry and diagnostic endocrinology provides a routine and emergency service in clinical chemistry and immunodiagnostics and involves the investigation and monitoring of endocrine, bone and reproductive disorders.

Haematology provides a routine and emergency service in haematology and investigates haematological abnormalities. The department also provides a routine and specialized coagulation service.

Histopathology/cytopathology provides a diagnostic histopathology and cytopathology service (excluding cervical cytology). The service includes BreastCheck and the symptomatic breast service and the other cancer specialties.

Immunology provides a diagnostic service for the investigation of disorders affecting the immune system, including a multiple myeloma service, autoimmunity and rheumatic diseases testing, HIV monitoring, allergy investigations and immune chemistry.

Microbiology provides a routine and emergency diagnostic service in the investigation of bacterial, fungal and parasitic infection. It also contributes to disease surveillance and infection prevention and control.

Clinical advice is available on the ordering of examinations and on the interpretation of examination results. An emergency service is available outside of routine working hours for defined testing services